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  • Why trust us?
    Through the years we have been a coin distributor we have delivered hundreds of millions of coins to thousands of customers. If at any point you don’t feel secure you can search the #RockDeals on twitter and see many of our satisfied customers shouting out our service. We are here to provide customers with coins in the fastest, cheapest and safest way possible, this is why we offer a range of products from Madden 23 Coins to Madden Training Points and Madden 23 Players VIA our player store. Above all, we were founded on the principles of great service. Much of our profit goes back into the community
  • How to contact us?
    Rock Bottom Coins prides itself in unrivalled 24/7 365 customer support from the moment you first visit our site! Contact our customer support team via email at or on live chat located on the bottom right of our website.
  • I have not received my coins, what do I do?"
    If you are yet to receive your coins, the most likely reason is because you have yet to submit your photo ID to our fraud prevention team. We always reach out directly after any order which requires verification has been placed but we understand it is easy to miss an email in your inbox! If this is the case, please submit your photo id to and we will then fill the order within minutes! On the rare occasion that you have not received the product you have purchased after submitting your ID, please contact us via email or live chat. (found at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen) We will be more than happy you accommodate you.
  • How Do I Buy Coins?
    In order for us to deliver your MUT coins, you will first need to list ANY rated player on the auction house for the buy now price of the number of coins you want to purchase. This is the way it works: 1) List a player on your Console for the number of coins you want to purchase on YOUR Madden Ultimate Team account. 2) Head over to our site, choose your platform (Xbox One, PS4/PS5 , or PC) and select the number of coins you want to purchase. 3) Follow the instructions provided, fill in your player details and click ‘’Checkout’’. 4) Check-out and enter your payment details to place your order for the coins. 5) Once we receive your order, we will purchase your player within moments. 6) Your coins will then have been delivered for you to your account to spend in Madden Ultimate Team. Enjoy
  • How Do I Get My Training Points Or Quicksell Trades?
    STEP 1: On Madden Ultimate Team list any player from your binder on the trade block for 4 days (This is IMPORTANT so that we can ENSURE that we submit the correct trade offer. ) Please Note: you WILL NOT have to wait for 4 days to receive the order. Feel free to use the charts provided on the product page STEP 2: Place an order for the amount of training points you desire via our site and inform us of the player/s you’ve posted on the trade block in STEP 1 using the order form. RECOMMENDED: Send a picture of the card/s you have posted on the trade block via the live chat or email to . STEP 3: We will then send your item by submitting a trade offer to the player/s that you've posted on the trade block. STEP 4: Once you have received the trade offer, you can accept it and can insert the player into your team or Quicksell the card to convert it to training points. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service if you have any questions in regards to the process or if you would like ANY additional assistance. We are always happy to help!
  • Are you secure?
    Customer security is a MAJOR priority here at Rock Bottom Coins. Our site is encrypted so rest assured knowing nobody can access your information and we will never give out any information that pertains to our customers. We also do not store any payment information; all of which is directly handled by the payment provider.
  • What payment methods do you provide?
    You can pay using any Debit or Credit Card on our website. We accept all major cards such as VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and more on our website. We also do not store any payment information; all of this information is directly handled by the payment provider so you can confidently purchase your MUT Coins, knowing your information is safe.
  • How Can I Get A Sponsorship?
    We're very invested in the growth of the madden community and are constantly on the prowl for people to sponsor. We sponsor YouTubers, and social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitch. Please contact us via email to and send us the following info: - Your Channel/Website URL - Your Amount of Subscribers/Followers Our owner @Gunsnasty will be taking on any questions regarding a possible sponsorship. Feel free to contact him directly if you feel like a RBM fit.
  • Will my account get banned for buying coins from you?
    Currently, the only method of transfer is via auction which does have some risk. but we use every possible protocol to work to minimize those risks by using certain strategies like being selective with the Type, Program, and Rarity of the cards advised to post the cards on auction, the pricing, and the duration as well as using community sourced coins. Much thought and testing has gone into our transfer methods as we want to serve the community to the best of our ability. With the block gone our methods via the auction seem to be the next most effective and although there will as always be a risk of bans we do feel like buying coins will still be the most cost-effective way to achieve your M24 Goals. Once again, although there is a risk of a ban, the auction house will be the only method of transfer this year :) If you have any further issues: please contact our customer support team:
  • Can I sell my MUT coins to you?
    Yes of course, at Rock Bottom Coins not only can you purchase your Madden Coins at the cheapest prices, you can also sell your coins using our quick, easy and reliable sales services please head over to the and submit the form to send your request.
  • Where do I add my promo/discount code?
    All discount/promo codes and Rock Rewards Redemptions can be entered on the bottom left during the checkout page.
  • My Player Has Expired? Will I still receive my coins?
    Absolutely! Please make sure to list your player for 8 hours to avoid further delays. However, if your player expired on the auction house, re-list the player listed and send us your player details and order number to
  • Do you cover the 10% EA TAX?
    At Rock Bottom Coins, we cover 10% tax on all MUT coins purchased from us. When listing your player item on auction, please list your card for an extra 10% buy now price to counter the EA Tax deduction. For example, if you purchase 1,000,000 MUT Coins (1M) coins from us, list up your player for the buy now price of 1,100,000 (1.1M) coins.

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