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Madden 23 Ultimate Team Training Points

In Madden Ultimate Team EA has implemented a new system to power up cards in the game, this year players must use a virtual currency called " Training points" and apply them to special cards in order to unlock boosted attributes for that card in Madden Ultimate Team. To date, there has not been very many ways to obtain these training points at reasonable prices UNTIL now where Rock Bottom Coins has the service for you !!


Please click the additional info tab for more information on our how to collect your training points.




Madden 23 Ultimate Team Training Points

  • STEP 1: On Madden Ultimate Team list any player from your binder on the trade block for 4 days

    (This is IMPORTANT so that we can ENSURE that we submit the correct trade offer. )

    Please Note: you WILL NOT have to wait for 4 days to receive the order.

    Feel free to use the chart below to see how many cards to list on trade.

    Example. If Youre looking to buy 20,000 Training Points Via please post TWO cards on the trade block

    Amount Of Training Points # Of Cards To Post On Trade
    10,000 Training Points Post ONE Cards On Trade
    20,000 Training Points Post TWO Cards On Trade
    30,00 Training Points Post THREECards On Trade
    40,000 Training Points Post FOUR Cards On Trade


    STEP 2: Place an order for the number of Training Points you desire via our site and inform us of the player/s youve posted on the trade block in STEP 1 using the order form.

    RECOMMENDED: Send a picture of the card/s you have posted on the trade block via the live chat or email to .


    STEP 3: We will then send your item by submitting a trade offer to the player/s that you've posted on the trade block.


    STEP 4: Once you have received the trade offer, you can accept it and can insert the player into your team or quicksell the card to convert it to Training !

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service if you have any questions in regards to the process or if you would like ANY additional assistance. We are always happy to help !

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