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Rock Bottom Coins Costume Contest !

Calling all Football fanatics Rock Bottom Coins Costume Contest is here!

Starting today, submit a photo of you in your NFL or MUT themed Halloween costume via email or on Twitter using the hashtag #MUTMonsters we’ll announce the winners on Monday, November 1st

Dress up as your favorite NFL player, coach or come up with a creation of your own based on Madden Ultimate Team… Will we maybe see some Training Point costumes or Desyncs!


Entrants will be judged based on Quality, Accuracy, Effort with bonus points for creativity. The Top three submissions will receive One Million Coins Each and selected runners-up photos will also be shared on our Twitter and partners' streams, so stay tuned.


The contest ends at 12:00 AM Monday, November 1, 2021.


We look forward to seeing your creations, Good Luck!

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