We understand that   one of the most exciting features of Madden Ultimate team is that you are able to create a team YOUR way, pairing unique combinations of players together to your own specifications and with the vast amount of content avaliable in game we understand that not everyones theme team requirements will be the same , therefore we have launched the ALL NEW Rock Bottom Coins Custom Theme Team Special. 


As part of your theme team package you will  still receive the highest tradeable version of all starters for your chosen side of the ball (Offense or Defense) as well as 2x LTD cards (250K Quicksells ) which you can then quick sell and use to purchase the powerups and training points to assemble your team.


How does it work ?


SImply contact a member of our team via the live chat feature on our website to request a quote according to your specifications  our team may be able to be flexible with the pricing !


In short a custom order can provide you with anything that you desire in the game !


If you accept the quote you will then be able to purchase the order via this item and delivery of you products will be arranged as usual !


Please click the additional info tab for more information on our how to collect your cards.




Custom Offense/Defense #QuickSnap Theme Team Special - Madden 21 Ultimate Team

  • In order to process orders we will  REQUIRE you to submit some form of picture identification to our fraud prevention team as part of our security measures, 


    This is for the safety of the cardholder to make sure that the purchase is not being made without their consent as well as protection for our company to eliminate the occurrence of false claims of "unauthorized transactions" in attempt to file a chargeback.

    This information is only processed by our fraud prevention team and no one else.

    Photo ID MUST show and match the name of the person who has placed the order however you may block out ANY other sensitive information such as a face image on your ID Card .etc


    Examples of Valid Photo ID Include 

    • Driver's license 
    • Student / Work ID  
    • Military-issued identification card 
    • Valid U.S. or foreign-issued passport 
    • Other forms may be accepted.

    Please email your image of photo id to admin@rockbottomcoins.com prior to or as soon as you place your first order to avoid any delays !


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